The rain-filled brick paths of Elon were brightened on Sunday when Elon dance majors performed their “Dancing in the Landscape” pieces. On the final day of Family weekend the dancers demonstrated their talent while showcasing Elon University’s architecture around campus in a series of four different dances, at four different locations.

The audience was guided by two student choreographers who walked at the front of the crowd from the first location of inside the Performing Arts Center and outside on Love Terrace, then moved to the plaza outside Lakeside Dining Hall facing Lake Mary Nell, followed by the outdoor space in front of the racquetball courts, and lastly everyone gathered by the archways that enter into the gymnasium.

“They [First-year dance majors] started off very skeptical of what we’re asking of them because they’re used to dancing on a stage…but this has really given them the opportunity to explore their own movement,” says co-director and choreographer Sara Tourek.

And if architecture wasn’t enough of a barrier Mother Nature had her own way of impeding.

“The dancers have been amazing and yesterday [Saturday] we had a three hour rehearsal outside in the pouring rain,” says Co-Director Sara Tourek

But the emphasis remained on the dancers showcasing their skills and Elon’s campus.

Ana Thue seen on far left preparing for show

Ana Thue seen on far left preparing for show

“I think it’s a great opportunity because usually we’re just dancing in a studio or dancing on a theater stage. But it’s different in that we get to interact with our surroundings and really experiment with everything around us,” says first-year dance major, Ana Thue.

This allowed families to see that it’s not just studio dancing and showed parents of Elon dance majors that their sons and daughters will be able to dance in any location.

“We’ve been working since the first week of school. And so we’ve had about three to four weeks to create, to polish, and then to design the costumes,” says co-director and choreographer Renay Aumiller.

Dancers rehearsed for roughly three hours a week. And the event is an Elon Family Weekend classic. Dancing in the Landscape will return for Family Weekend in the fall of 2016