“Don’t be an ass, don’t cheat on tests, and don’t plagiarize,” says junior Emily Roper explaining her summary of of Elon’s Honor Code.

Roper is a catcher for the Phoenix softball team and began her career at Elon in the fall of 2013. She and her junior fellow teammates have a different experience with Elon’s Call to Honor Ceremony.

“I never went to the Call of Honor Ceremony. We had practice,” says Roper.

The catcher and the team were working out instead of signing posters with the four key pillars: Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect.

“We told our coach we were supposed to go and she said no you’re not going,” says Roper who believes it was an oversight.

And she doesn’t feel that her not being there has impacted her too much since.

“I feel like that’s how I try to live my life anyway…I try to be good to other people,” says Roper.

Now the Elon Honor Code is still in all her syllabi.

When asked if she could name the four pillars, “I know that respect is one of them,” says Roper laughingly.

She also says that her sophomore and freshmen teammates were required to go. 

Today, sophomores, juniors, and seniors may not fully remember all parts of the Elon Honor Code. But there is a poster highlighting the key pillars